With Pellett Construction, LLC you’ll work with an experienced team with the ability to develop your commercial building or custom home from conception to completion. We offer a unique blend of capabilities allowing us to capture your vision and then carry it out through all stages of project management.

The Benefits of Design/Build
There is a good reason while so many have chosen the advantages of a Design/Build approach to their construction needs. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Single Point of Contact
With a design-build contractor like Pellett Construction leading your project you’ll have one single point of responsibility. This means you’ll work directly with us and we’ll take care of the project. This includes being responsible for design, build quality, cost and managing the schedule. Rather than having to deal with multiple parties you can rely on us to have your project completed with ease and excellence.

Better Finished Product
Too often in traditionally built projects the contractor is brought in after most of the design is set in place. Oftentimes this leads to compromises during the construction phase. With Design/Build, the Pellett Construction team is involved from the start thereby making sure the designers and builders are working closely for a greater result.

Cost Savings
This coordinated Design/Build team effort between the designers and builders is also much more cost-efficient. You can avoid ending up with an over-ambitious design that lacks construction efficiency resulting in a blown budget. With a design-build approach you’ll enjoy the shortest path to an excellent result.

Time Savings
Once Pellett Construction is on your project we can work with a layered approach shortening the timelines for both the design and build phases. With this centralized approach there are much fewer delays and interruptions to the schedule.

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